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How far would you go to gain your freedom?

Maisie Hastings isn't so sure.

Every man she's ever loved has betrayed her. Used her for their own gain and discarded her when they were through. It should be easy to take the deal offered to her by the demon who owns her soul.

All she has to do is lure another innocent into his web and then she goes free.

But can she live with herself if she does?

★Born of Blood is a dark, exciting paranormal romance series starring some of your favorite supernatural baddies.★

How far would you go to protect the one you love?

Orpheus has spent his centuries long life on his own. His experience has been that connections lead to entanglements and entanglements lead to feelings.

And feelings are nothing but a weakness he can't afford.

Or are they?

A month ago, I had a quiet life. A job I loved and a dad who made me crazy.

Now, I have four mates squeezed into this tiny apartment that we're being forced out of and I can't remember the last time I had personal space. Oh, and my powers are growing faster than I can learn what to do with them.

Enter a strangely sexy prince of hell who claims I'm the key to his grand plans coming to fruition.

Only those plans will lead to the end of the world as I know it. Super.

Frackin' fudge fluffers...

I’m a country song waiting to happen.

No, seriously.

I’m the angelic baby sister to an outrageously over-protective brother. I wear sundresses and smile on cue and keep to myself. I’ve never set even a toe out of line.

Until I slept with one of my brother’s best friends, anyway. And now he thinks he's going to keep me his dirty little secret for the band's sake.

Well, I’m tired of it. And I’m done being quiet.

Maybe the song they write about me will go platinum.

I’m a country song waiting to happen.

No, seriously.

I’m Country music’s hot new artist. My good girl image has earned me everything from my record deal to opening the tour for the Renegades.

The band’s alluring bad boy drummer, Troy, leaves me wanting. Wanting something new, to throw it all away for even a moment under his touch.

Finding out he knocked me up kind of kills that little fantasy, though. There’s no escaping this—I’m ruined.

I’ll never see the stage again.

Released Books:

A vampire, a werewolf, and a demon all walk into a bar...

Sounds like the start of a bad joke. Want another? Alright, how’s this?

They bring with them a greater demon and the most powerful vampire in all of NYC. One wants my help, the other wants me dead.

Hysterical. Too bad it’s not a joke—just a typical Saturday night for me.

I guess the upside is having sex with me hasn’t sent any of these smexy troublemakers to the hospital... yet...

Frackin’ fudge fluffers...

I'm a country song waiting to happen.

No, seriously.

Two lifelong best friends, my best friend and my ex, closer than brothers with one girl stuck in the middle. Of course, that girl would be me. And, to make things even more fraught, they're both members of the area's hottest Country band. That I manage.

The worst part of all this, though, is that I know I'm going to break someone's heart. Might even break all three of our hearts...

At least they're sure to get a hit song out of this?

The truth is a trap ...

Adelaide Jensen has the scoop of the decade and something to prove. She's not about to let the sleazy press secretary, Ransom Lewis, stand in her way. She wants justice for the senator's son who died under what she believes are suspicious circumstances. More than that, she wants the truth.

When Adelaide starts snooping around secrets that have long been buried for the good of the senator, his campaign manager gets nervous. Now another man has caught Addie's eye, and Ransom is lingering around her like he's the only thing standing between her and certain death.

Soon, her discoveries begin to ricochet beyond her control. Will the reporter recover her scorched reputation? Or will this family's past be the end of them all?

A detective with something to prove…

Working the homicide division in Galena, IL isn’t exactly a high-stress lifestyle, and Detective Adam Emerson wouldn’t have it any other way. For the most part, his day consists of giving his partner migraines, hunting for his missing brother, and struggling to pin a shred of evidence on the violent crime lords of Illinois.

A sociopath with a dangerous obsession…

Liam Cavanaugh is the latest in a long line of criminals. Their spotless reputation and deep pockets have kept them out of prison for as long as they can remember. But his right hand man has betrayed him, and everything’s about to change.

A girl running for her life…

Being the black sheep of her family was something Claire McBride was accustomed to. Being the last surviving member was not. One minute she’s crushing on her older brother’s best friend, the next, her brother’s nightmarish secret life has become her terrifying reality.

A triangle with deadly consequences…

Caught in the middle of the Emerson-Cavanaugh war, tragedy and destruction dog Claire’s every step. These two men will do just about anything to be with her--including murder. Desperate to keep Adam alive, Claire is left to unravel the truth behind the darkness that shrouds her world.

The truth is about to come to light and burn them all alive. But some secrets are better left buried.

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